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is a unique day support program for youth who have entered into adult services but wish to continue to their transition to employment and/or community participation; increase their level of independence; and create a happy, healthy, satisfying adult life. They are supported by the RI Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) through self-directed supports. The program supports youth in developing employment & volunteer opportunities, exploring continuing education and skill development, and getting involved with recreation and leisure.


Tuesday June 7, 2011 was MAEGEN MILLER DAY, it was Maegen Miller day, it was Maegen Miller day! (It is our favorite day of the year)

We chat, we shop, we gossip, we shop, then we have a lovely lunch. It was Tweeted about and shall now become a seasonal event at COMPASS. Goddess of Style and first class Fashionista, Meg can spruce up anyone's closet on a budget and put a stop to any impulse buy. 


PAWSOX ROCK Especially when we watch them win!
Andy rocks too :)