The West Bay Regional Transition Center was established in 1992 to provide professional development and technical assistance to member district schools, families, agencies, and businesses with regard to the transition of students with disabilities from school to adult life.

The program sponsors transition related events for students, families and schools in partnership with the RI Department of Education-Office for Student, Community and Academic Supports , Office of Rehabilitation Services(ORS), The RI Division of Developmental Disabilities, RI Parent Information Network (RIPIN), Sherlock Center on Disabilities at RIC and the RI DD Council.

The West Bay Regional Transition Center is the Center of Excellence for Transition of Students with Developmental Disabilities

West Bay Collaborative Transition & Vocational Services is
a group of unique educational and vocational program serving youth ages 16+ in the Rhode Island community. We support youth, families, schools, and community agencies in the transition process, career exploration, vocational evaluation and employment services.Our mission is to provide quality, innovative, and individualized programs and resources to guide and support young people from transition to successful adult living

For more information email Therese Curran, Program Director

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